What to Consider When Hiring a DWI Attorney

If  you’ve been arrested for DUI or DWI in the Daytona Beach area, your first priority should be finding legal representation that will help you defend your case in court. But not just any DUI lawyer will do; you want an experienced, professional DWI criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the court system in Daytona Beach, as well as someone who will communicate with you in a realistic manner.

In this post, I’ll share why these characteristics of successful DWI attorneys are so important and could mean the difference between heavy fines and even jail time.

How to Find a Skilled DWI Defense Attorney

This can’t be emphasized enough. Having not only courtroom experience, but experience defending cases in the Daytona Beach area is critical to your case. Local attorneys have the advantage in this case. I’ve personally handled thousands of DUI cases in my career as a criminal defense attorney, so I know the ins and outs of laws pertaining to driving under the influence.

Choosing DWI defense attorneys who do not specialize in criminal law is ill-advised, as they don’t necessarily keep up on DUI law in the state of Florida, which is constantly changing and being updated.

Honest Communication from Your DWI Defense Attorney

Be wary of any legal professional who will guarantee a certain outcome to your drunk driving case, especially without knowing the facts of your situation. Choose a criminal lawyer who communicates honestly with you, answers your questions to your satisfaction and is realistic about expectations.

So find out a seasoned DWI criminal defense attorney to represent you. Schedule a consultation today.