The Aftermath of Bike Week

Motorcycle Accidents Daytona Beach  

 Daytona Beach Bike Week 2017 came full force with thousands of bikers entering our town. It was a time of roaring engines, miles of traffic, and people all around having a great time. Now that Bike Week is over, however, and our city is back to normal it’s time to look at the damages. While Bike Week always brings fun and excitement it also brings collisions, injuries, and fatalities. These are typical things to see though when a city is suddenly filled with thousands upon thousands of new people and vehicles. Pair this with all the vendors, bars, taverns, and restaurants selling alcohol and things are bound to get interesting. So let’s take a look at the 2017 Bike Week results

   There was reportedly 69 motorcycle related trauma patients brought to Halifax Health Medical Center during the 10 days of Bike Week. That is just at Halifax Health Medical Center. Bike Week is centered in Daytona Beach but spreads all throughout Volusia County with bikers trying to find hotels, food, or attending other bike related events and stores. It also doesn’t involve the luckily minor incidents that might not have caused injury. There was also Bike Week activity in surrounding counties that don’t factor into that number. Flagler County to the north of Volusia reported a motorcycle related fatality during Bike Week.

   On the whole, though, Bike Week 2017 can be considered a successful year. Police Chief Capri called it the most successful Bike Week yet, while still acknowledging the high number of crashes that occurred. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try harder next year to lower the number of Motorcycle Accidents Daytona Beach sees every year. If we keep trying we can get that number a little lower each year and make Daytona Beach that much safer for both locals and out of town tourist.

   While you continue to make the roads safer for each other, we will continue fighting for you. Contact Koleilat & Miller today to handle your DUI or Criminal Defense case.