Florida Alimony Calculators—Why They Can’t be Trusted

Alimony payments in the state of Florida are difficult to calculate as there is no set mathematical formula for determining them. So how is alimony determined in Florida? It’s very subjective. Therefore, the FL alimony calculators that you find online should not be trusted. Let me explain.

Alimony Calculator Florida

First, the court will determine if the spouse is in true need of financial support, whether temporary or permanent. Secondly, the court will determine if the other spouse has the ability to pay alimony. Neither of these can be determined by an online alimony calculator.

If there is a need and an ability to pay, then the court will take into account additional factors to calculate what type of alimony and how much support will be awarded. Again, an online calculator can’t take into account these additional factors; only a person can weigh the facts.

For example, these are just some of the factors considered when determining whether to award alimony—and how much to award—according to Florida Statute 61.08:

    • Standard of living established during the marriage
    • Duration of the marriage
    • Age as well as physical and emotional condition of each party
    • Financial resources of each party
    • Earning capacities, educational levels, vocational skills and employability of the parties
    • Contribution of each party to the marriage
    • Responsibilities regarding any minor children

The Florida alimony calculators you find online are meant to give you a rough estimate of the alimony payment you or your spouse may be eligible for. However, they are often grossly inaccurate and may give you false hope of high payments or underestimate what you may be awarded. It’s best to consult with an experienced alimony lawyer to look at the nuances of your case and guide you through the alimony process.