Why Fight Traffic Tickets?

What are traffic tickets besides expensive and annoying? Too many of them and they can become a serious problem. We don’t just mean financially either. We are talking about can’t legally drive for three months, calling your friends to drive you around level serious problem. Each state handles numerous traffic violations differently. Here in Florida, a point system is used for violations. Different kinds of traffic violations have different point values, ranging from 3 to 6 points each. Violations that involve, or cause an accident have the highest point values, while the rest stay around the 3 and 4 point range. Why should these points matter to you, and why should you look at hiring a traffic ticket attorney?

traffic ticket attorney

The point system for traffic violations in Florida is kind of like a game of golf. The more points you get, the worse you are doing. Get enough in a certain time period, and you end up with a suspended license. How long your license is suspended for depends on two factors, how many points you have gotten, and what amount of time you got them in, as seen below.

  • 12 Points in 12 Months: 30 Day Suspension
  • 18 Points in 18 Months: 3 Month Suspension
  • 24 Points in 36 Months: 1 Year Suspension
  • 6 Points in 12 Months(As a Minor): Business Only License for 1 Year

That might not seem too hard to avoid, but remember, cause just two accidents in one year, and you are already at the 30 day suspension. Two important things to remember as well is that it doesn’t matter what state you are driving in, what matters is what state your license is from. If you have 9 points on your license, and get a traffic ticket visiting family in Wisconsin, you can still expect a 12 month suspension of your license. The other thing to remember is different violations stay on your record for different lengths of time.


One offense that is not given a point value is driving under the influence. If you drive intoxicated, it is given it’s own penalties for single or repeated offenses. While driving under the influence of alcohol is not a part of the point system, the consequences can be. If you speed, cause an accident, or are found driving recklessly, you can face a D.U.I. and points added to your license. If you get a D.U.I. and have points on your license already, they may have some affect on your court case.

If you are under the age of 21 and found driving under the influence, it doesn’t matter how many points you have on your license. It is an automatic six month suspension on your first offense, and an entire year on your second. The law also changes on what constitutes a D.U.I. when you are a minor. If you are over 21, you can’t have a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) over .08 while behind the wheel. If you are under 21, a BAC over .02 is all that is required to have your license suspended.

How to Avoid Points

In many instances, there are ways to avoid getting any points on your license for a traffic violation. Besides the most basic option of avoiding getting a ticket, you can also appeal or dispute a ticket. There are attorneys like Kip Miller that can help fight traffic violations so you don’t get any points on your license, and don’t have to pay the fine. In cases that don’t involve an accident or property damage, you can sometimes choose to take a four hour safety course to avoid getting points put on your license, and to have the fine reduced. Just don’t expect to have this option open for every traffic violation. You can have it at most, once every 12 months.

If you are worried about points on your license, have traffic ticket Attorney Kip Miller of DUIDivorce.com help you appeal your case, and get the ticket violation removed from your record. After all, you can’t get points for a ticket that gets thrown away. Make sure you don’t wait too long, call 386-253-4720 as soon as you get a traffic violation.