Family Law


Family & Marital Law

Ms. Koleilat is an experienced trial attorney who heads our Family Law Department. As skilled family practice lawyers, we understand the emotional toll divorce and custody matters can have on your family.  Family law attorneys understand that more than just the parties are impacted by the demise of the relationship.  Children, grandparents, friends and family are affected as well.

Dealing with diverse situations requires more than just legal knowledge. Our attorneys have the practical experience, as well as sensitivity to aid you through your case.  The attorneys at  KOLEILAT & MILLER are here to handle any family and marital law matters  including:

  • Dissolution of Marriage (complex)
  • Dissolution of Marriage (uncontested)
  • Division of Property and Investments
  • Discrete Divorce Planning
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
  • Partition of Real Property
  • Alimony and Spousal Support
  • Marital Settlement Agreements
  • Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements
  • Injunctions for Protection
  • Emergency Relief
  • Enforcement and Contempt
  • Modification
  • Appeals
  • Paternity
  • Custody
  • Fathers’ Rights
  • Child Support
  • Parenting Plans
  • Timesharing
  • Parental Rights and Responsibilities
  • Relocation
  • DCF and DOR Proceedings