DUIs are an all-too common occurrence here in the State of Florida. When you make the decision to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, you may feel invincible. The reality is quite different. To others- and, most importantly, to those cops waiting just around that darkened corner on a Friday night – your inhibitions are lowered, and it shows in your physical appearance. Your eyes become bloodshot, your body begins to twitch and shake, your speech becomes slurred, and these visual changes in your appearance are just to name a few. A cop can easily spot an overly intoxicated individual, no matter how well you think you may be hiding your condition.

However, for citizens of Volusia and Flagler counties who count themselves among those facing such charges, there is hope, and his name is Kip Miller.

Just last week, DUI Defense attorney, Kip Miller filed a Motion to Suppress as part of his defense strategy in a DUI case, and significantly impeached the arresting officer. Kip Miller’s hard-hitting approach to the case resulted in all evidence against the client being suppressed. At the hearing, the officer had testified that he was dispatched to be on the look-out for a reckless driver.  The officer changed his testimony in court when he alleged that the suspect driver almost caused another car to hit his patrol vehicle.

On cross examination, the officer was unable to explain the discrepancies in his testimony. The Court found that the officer’s report, along with his body camera statements, contained significant and material omissions compared to his live testimony.  The Court further found that the officer’s testimony was not credible. The Court suppressed all evidence seized and the DUI case was thrown out.

It is important to hire a DUI Defense attorney with more than 20 years of experience.  Contact Kip Miller today to discuss your DUI charge.