Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer to Fight Traffic Tickets?

After receiving a traffic ticket, many people opt to admit guilt and pay the fine immediately and be done with it. If you have a clean driving record, and it’s your first offense and a small traffic ticket, you may think this is the more affordable option. But while cheap at first, it’s always best to keep your driving record clean and not risk increased automotive insurance rates.

If you have previous offenses on your driving record, are facing a large fine, points on your license, losing your license, or even worse, jail time, and in turn the possibility of losing your job, it’s definitely time to hire a traffic violation lawyer. Or, if you have reason to believe you were falsely cited, it’s best to get professional representation rather than attempting to fight the traffic ticket on your own in court.

Traffic courts in different locales deal with traffic tickets differently and an experienced lawyer can help you navigate the legal landscape.

Have Your Traffic Ticket Charges Dismissed

It is possible to have your traffic ticket dismissed! A skilled traffic ticket lawyer can help you accomplish this. The lawyer knows exactly what to look for to see if the ticket was properly written and contains errors that could have it dismissed. They can also investigate whether the ticket was properly filed by the courts and any other technicalities that may assist you in getting the ticket dismissed.

If there are no technicalities that would allow for the dismissal of the ticket, it can then be contested. Lawyers can file legal arguments or motions with the court and ask for disclosure of evidence which may assist your case. By plea bargaining your ticket, your lawyer will be able to help you reduce fines or lessen other penalties.

Appear in Court on Your Behalf

There aren’t many people who can afford to take time off work or away from other responsibilities to appear in court for a traffic ticket. For certain violations, your traffic ticket lawyer may be able to appear in court on your behalf, possibly saving you lost wages.

If you do have to appear in court, people represented by traffic ticket lawyers are more likely to have their charges dismissed by prosecutors. Those not represented by a lawyer often pay higher fines and have higher rates of conviction.

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