Daytona Biketoberfest is in Full Swing!

Well it’s that time of year again.  Biketoberfest has come to our little town again.  Attorney Kip Miller warns that safety has to be the main concern on everyone’s mind this week.  At the very least, there will be about 300,000 riders this week and this is a relatively small area.   It is important to take every precaution whether you are a biker or driving a car through bike traffic.  There is potential for carelessness.  There is an influx of hundreds of thousands of people coming into one town to celebrate. Everyone is excited.  People are coming from cooler climates, and have not been riding since last bike week.  There are girls clad in bikinis from North to South.

All of this excitement creates diversions and people are not paying attention as they normally would.  There are always distractions.  Adding alcohol to this mix is risky.  And some people think that they cannot be charged with a DUI if they are on a bike.    Most arrests for riding a motorcycle while under  the influence of alcohol or drugs are prosecuted under the same laws as in traditional vehicles. The two types of cases are basically defended the same way, however there are differences that require an experienced attorney.  Additionally, motorcycle riders will be facing exactly the same punishments as traditional DUI which can include jail time, ticket fines, alcohol rehabilitation classes (AA), and probation. You can also lose your privilege to ride a motorcycle.

If you choose to drink and operate a vehicle of any kind, you are making a clear decision to break the law.  However, you will need assistance to help you through the process.  Call a highly experienced DUI Attorney to assist you in  defending your privilege to ride a motorcycle.  Call Kip Miller if you are arrested for DUI.