Reasons to File a Restraining Order

When most people think of the reasons one may have to file a restraining order, they might initially think of the dangers of stalking, or threat of physical harm. But the reasons to file a restraining order can vary, and the list can continue on further than you may think. A restraining order, which is also known as an “order of protection,” is a legal order issued by the court that protects an individual from the actions of another who intends to cause harm. The order prevents a person from not only harassing the victim, but from having any contact with the victim or coming into close proximity with them. If the terms of the order are violated, the attacker or violator will be met with legal consequences.

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Sad as the idea may be, a restraining order is sometimes needed throughout a divorce proceeding to prevent the victim and their children from being met with physical or emotional abuse at the hands of the other spouse. This can make it necessary to go through a Daytona Beach family law attorney to help get a restraining order.Additionally, if you feel that your personal property may be in danger, you can request a restraining order against your spouse to prevent loss or damage. Divorce can cause deep emotional pain, which can often lead a person to act as they otherwise would not normally. If you discover that your former spouse is depleting your rightful assets in order to get back at you or to prevent you from obtaining them, you can file a restraining order against them to prevent their harmful actions.

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