Tips to Remember

Memory can be a fickle thing. Sometimes you can remember the most minor thing from ten years ago yet not remember why you walked into a room. We can sing the biggest hit song word for word from 2001 but what we had for dinner last night? While we have made a lot of progress in understanding and even improving memory, there are still parts of it we don’t fully understand. We still get in trouble for forgetting to pick up milk at the grocery store, or for forgetting to give our attorney some important information.

Daytona Beach Attorney

Your Daytona Beach attorney is far from a magician. They can not randomly pull a victory out of thin air. Instead, it takes a lot of work that in turn requires the right information and documents. If you forget one single piece of information, it might very well have no effect or it could change the entire court case. Regardless of the consequences you need to make sure your attorney has every last detail of your case. This is important for two main reasons.

  1. It helps your Daytona Beach attorney prepare for the court case, building a strong case to support you with. The more information they have, the stronger the case they build for you.
  2. It protects your attorney from an unexpected turn in the court case. An attorney has to prepare for counterarguments from the opponent. It can be difficult to create the proper response when presented with evidence they had no idea existed.

It is also important because if you are paying for an attorney to represent you, you want them to perform to their full ability. They can’t do that if you don’t let them. Of course, it is not always that you are withholding information from them, it’s possible that you simply forget. You are dealing with a court case, those can get pretty stressful. Rather it is for settling a divorce, or defending yourself with a criminal defense attorney the task can be nerve-wrecking. So we suggest you find a way to keep track of everything that happens, including the moments leading up to it.

There are several ways you can go about this. The only things you need to remember is consistency and clarity. All your notes are not going to do your attorney any good if they can not read them, or if you don’t keep up with them. If you prefer to keep written notes you can do so, as long as they are easy to read. If they are not easy to read, you might want to look at transcribing them to a computer program or application. Even if you can read them easily you should still either transcribe them or scan them onto your computer or smartphone. This way you will have a backup copy in case something happens to the physical copy.

By writing the details down, or by typing them up, you will have a more complete recollection of everything that has happened. Don’t be afraid to add details that you might think are pointless. Even if they don’t help your attorney or your case, it is better to have too many details than not enough. You should also note the details before the incident. Like we said, anything you can remember that is about the cause of the court case should be recorded.

This will help your attorney and your case. It might even make the case move along faster. To learn tips on helping your case, and to find an experienced Daytona Beach attorney, contact Koleilat & Miller today at (386) 253-4720.