Cost Vs. Consequence

volusia county dui lawyer

When it comes to hiring an attorney, many people have a tendency to automatically think about expensive prices. Perhaps it is because of Hollywood’s depiction of lawyers that causes this, or simply a misunderstanding of those that have never spoken with an attorney. We do tend to fear that which we do not know, and many times this unknown fear is misplaced. An attorney is going to cost you a little, but the outcome could be well worth the price when placed against the possible consequences. When it comes to getting a ticket, even just a speeding ticket, it can have long lasting effects.

Not to say that a speeding ticket will land you in prison, or send you spiraling into bankruptcy, but it will come with a fine, and can increase the premiums on your insurance. Even if you get off easy with a $50.00 speeding ticket, the insurance will begin to cost you more over time. This holds especially true on a larger violation, such as speeding through a construction site or school zone. Hiring an attorney will cost money, but over time it could end up being worth it, more so if this is not your first speeding ticket.

Moving on to more serious cases, such as a hit and run or D.U.I., a fine would be the best possible outcome without hiring an attorney, though it is more plausible that the consequences will not only be financial this time. These types of charges, along with repeated minor charges, can cause a suspension of your license, time spent in jail, and a requirement to attend traffic school, which the cost to do will come out of your pocket. Hiring an attorney, however, can help reduce the consequences greatly, and possibly get you out of the D.U.I. charge entirely. This is important, because again, insurance rates can go up. Only this time, with a D.U.I. an insurance rate can double or triple in price. You don’t need an attorney to show you why that is far from a good thing.

This important factor between cost and consequence is magnified greatly when damage is involved. If your D.U.I. caused property damage, the consequences become even more severe. It will take some careful planning and swift maneuvering to build a strong case for you in court. This is when an attorney simply is not enough. You now need an attorney with experience. One like Kip Miller, who has proudly served as a recommended Volusia County DUI lawyer since 2000, that knows the true intricacies of DUI law to get you the best outcome possible for your case. Contact Koleilat & Miller so they can start building a strong defense for your case today.