Daytona Beach Bike Week 2015- It’s all fun and games, until it’s not!



Daytona Beach’s annual Bike Week is an exciting time for all the participants and spectators, but the excitement and party atmosphere often leads to a variety of offenses from careless driving to DUI to drunk and disorderly’s.  Accidents involving drinking and driving can ruin the fun and have lasting impacts on the lives of those involved.

Even though many participants indicated that this year’s festivities seem slower and less crowded than in years past, the danger of accidents remains. With crowds of people in cars and bikes competing for road space and looking for fun, accidents will happen. Several recent motorcycle accidents in Volusia County likely involved alcohol consumption during Bike Week.

Because of the increased alcohol consumption and risk of accidents, local police monitor the roads carefully during Bike Week, on the lookout for any drunk drivers – on bikes or in cars. Drive carefully, monitor your consumption, and designate an alcohol monitor, designated driver, or a taxi for your group as a backup.

Even for drivers who are lucky enough to escape physical injury, accidents while driving under the influence can result in loss of driving privileges and stiff financial penalties, if not jail time. To make matters worse if you are a tourist and just in town visiting, you do not want have to constantly have to interrupt your life to come back to Florida to deal with this. If you’ve received a citation for drinking and driving, contact the law office of Koleilat and Miller.  We have the experience you need!