Daytona Bike Week

If you live around Daytona Beach, chances are you’ve been hearing more revving motorcycles than usual. That is because Bike Week is happening now. The Daytona 500 crowd has cleared out and the motorcycles have moved in. Hotels are filled up, vendor tents are filled with tourist, and restaurants are stocked up for one of the busiest weeks of the year. Another group that is prepared for bike week is law enforcement and tow truck companies.

With so many people on the road at the same time, it is a series of accidents waiting to happen. Not just in Daytona Beach, but wrecks related to bike week have happened as far as  west as Orlando and as far south as New Smyrna Beach. While they are not all fatal, it is not uncommon to hear about a couple of deadly accidents happening during Bike Week. Were these accidents unavoidable? It might seem that way, but by taking a few extra precautions the number of collisions can be greatly reduced.

So what can you do to make your drive a little bit safer?

Look Twice, Save a Life: You may have seen these stickers before, saying to look twice, save a life. They are usually accompanied by a picture of a motorcycle, and they are not just trendy either. The reason you see them so often is because it is life saving advice. Motorcycles are considerably smaller than more vehicles, and difficult to spot on the road. It is easy to overlook them, so when you change lanes, make sure to double check that a motorcycle isn’t there.

Keep Sufficient Distance between you and Motorcycles: To help ensure you don’t accidently run into a motorcyclist, make sure you keep distance between you and them. If a motorcycle is in front of you, keep at least one car length between you and them. If you are on a highway with speeds exceeding 55 mph, two or more car lengths are recommended to give you ample stopping time. This goes for stop and go traffic as well.

Use a Directional Correctly: Anyone who lives in Florida has probably heard a joke about people using their directionals. The truth though is that directionals are a simple, yet life saving function on any vehicle. Make use of it every time you intend to make a turn or change lanes. Even if no one is around, you should be in the habit of switching them on. Remember, your directionals mean you are going to turn, don’t bother turning them on if you’re already halfway done with the turn. They allow motorcycles and other vehicles time to slow down and avoid a collision.

Recognize Motorcycle Patterns: Groups of motorcyclists can form rather long lines. pay attention to how they are formed. If they are close together, and are following a certain pattern (like the one seen below), the motorcyclist are traveling together, and will change lanes or take turns together. Sometimes they will even do this if a vehicle is beside the group. When you see this happening, don’t try to speed past the motorcycles in the group, simply wait for the group to change lanes. If you wish to get ahead of them, you can change lanes once they are done and move ahead.

group-motorcycle-riding-3 copy

Follow these simple rules, along the with normal rules of the road, and you can help make this Bike Week that much more safe and organized. Koleilat & Miller care about their clients, and their community, and want to wish everyone a fun, yet safe 2016 Bike Week, and look forward to seeing everyone enjoying themselves at the various events around Daytona. This doesn’t mean we won’t still be working of course, contact our law office at (###) ###-#### to set up a consultation for your case or to learn more about our legal services.